Kelechi David will probably never forget Tuesday, December 5, 2017 for the rest of his life.

He got caught up in the messy crisis rocking the Ekiti state chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).

Well, he is part of the system too. He is a factional secretary of the caretaker committee and staff of the state broadcasting service.

He was attacked during the Areola Babalola-led congress at the union Secretariat in Oke Bareke, Ado-Ekiti.

According to an eyewitness, the spokesperson for Rotimi Feyisina campaign organisation at the botched election was attacked by Kayode Babatuyi who contested for the post of secretary.

"I was there when Kayode Babatuyi attacked Kelechi. He even said in my presence that he will start from Kelechi. He was the first person to attack Kelechi," the witness simply known as Ariyo explained.

But in defence, Kayode Babatuyi said he never meant to attack Kelechi saying Kelechi was the first to attack him after a verb argument.

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"The fact remained that I have no intention of wounding Kelechi, what for? We have been talking after the poll. He has called on several occasions to request for numbers of people.

“It was a hot argument that resulted in fight. He was the first to pick a stone and hit me then I was angry, and I lost my temper.

“However, I am deeply sad by the incident because I never planned to fight but both of us were not patient enough. I sustained injuries in my hand and leg but as human I sympathize with Kelechi.

“I never knew he was hurt that much. I am not an animal that I will attack fellow colleague. It was a fight that I regret so much. Only Kelechi and those that were there can say the truth."

Ekiti state NUJ fell into crisis when their November 15 election to usher in new executive got disrupted by some aggrieved members.

This led to the inauguration of the Amos Ogunride led caretaker committee by the national leadership of the union.

Some aggrieved members of the union also inaugurated the Areola Babalola caretaker committee, thereby causing heightened tension between the warring factions.