They have admitted the use of impunity while in power and lack of internal democracy as some of their sins.

They say their apology is wholehearted, based on their realisation of past mistakes while they ruled Nigeria for 16 years and many states now for 19.

While neutral Nigerians responded with “Ehen! now you’re talking!” The ones who do not like the look of their umbrella started singing "E be like say dey want to start another story again o".

They are warning us to take this apology with a pinch of salt, reminding us that it is just another gimmick coming few months to the 2019 election.

And then the APC fired the first shot by saying PDP’s apology counts for nothing if monies allegedly stolen by the party, a.k.a looted funds, are not returned.

Considering this same APC was their nemesis in the historic 2015 election and that still hurts, the PDP we know would never pass over an opportunity to throw back the stones.

They fired back with the allegation that looted funds were used to install, APC’s poster boy, President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock.

Since then it has been back and forth! We even have a list of so-called PDP treasury looters now! The drama is quite entertaining.

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Still on the apology, a member of Kowa Party and presidential aspirant, Sina Fagbenro-Byron, recently during an interview aptly stated an opinion many Nigerians would not disagree with.

“You (PDP) have had an institutional culture of politics of impunity, godfatherism, divide and rule and favoritism as a way of conducting business and it is the manifestation of these that Nigerians are feeling the impact of.

“While it is fine and appropriate for them to come out and confess that they have practiced impunity, it is difficult to see how they will unpractice it within the split of a second after practicing it for 16 years.

“It is their culture. It is in their DNA,” he said.

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Seriously speaking, Fagbenro-Byron’s suspicions have to resonate with us considering this apology is not being re-echoed across various levels of the party’s leadership – party excos, past and present governors, past presidents, state chairmen...etc.

How do we take a PDP apology serious without it coming from ex-President Goodluck Jonathan who has gone down in history as being at the forefront of the party’s lowest moment ever?

How come the likes of Bode George, Ahmed Makarfi, Nyesom Wike, Ayo Fayose, Godswill Akpabio and others are not sorry?

We have reasons to believe that this apology is just a strategy agreed upon by the national leadership of the party simply because another election is close, and they need us again.

The PDP has lost a great deal of credibility and we cannot deny the fact. This is why they are struggling to convince us that they are truly sorry.

However, the good news for the PDP is that they have one perfect opportunity to prove to us that they have indeed repented and are willing to sin no more – the Ekiti governorship election.

We already have 35 APC members who have formally indicated interest in the Ekiti governorship poll, asides the many who are campaigning but yet to declare.

How they will settle for one single candidate without major controversies is what many are waiting to see.

Whatever happens in APC, this is one area the PDP must come out clean and unquestionable.

From this moment, and with this apology, we shall be watching closely as they manage their party primaries and how their candidates emerge.

We shall be watching the coordination of the elections with them as the incumbent.

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We shall be watching with eyes wide open if the reports of imposition of candidates, manipulation of delegates, intimidation of opposition, inducement of security agencies and other sins they have been accused of in the past shall remain.

It is not enough to just be begi begi children, they need to show repentance in their actions during the forthcoming Ekiti elections where they are key protagonists.

Note that the signs are not good right now with Governor Ayo Fayose’s imposition of his deputy, Professor Kolapo Ishola, as his successor.

The die is cast and many top party members, especially aspirants are set for a showdown.

However, if PDP can pass this Ekiti test, then can Nigerians go ahead and believe that indeed, the PDP are a new creation, old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new.