The time is ticking for Ekiti people to decide who will govern them for the next four years. 

While the people prepare, the security agencies are deploying personnel to the state currently ruled by the Peoples Democratic Party.

Bounce News' correspondent in the state says businesses activities are going on as usual, but a few unusual things were also present. 

There is heavy security presence, he says. 

"I saw a battalion of soldiers moving into Ekiti on my way to the State on Thursday, but  I have not seen a single soldier or a military van on the streets. 

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"Police vans patrolling the streets," he said. 

Security at Ekiti governorship election

The police have said that military personnel in the state would man exit and entry points in the state while the police would be seen within the state to maintain law and order. 

In Ado Ekiti, there is a peaceful atmosphere, contrary to news making the rounds. 

At different markets, people are buying items, apparently stocking up for the election day when movement will surely be restricted. 

Ekiti Decides, ekiti governorship election

There were no academic activities going on in the schools visited. 

Governor Ayodele Fayose had declared public holiday after an earlier sit at home demand. 

Ekiti Decides, ekiti governorship election
schools shut in Ekiti
schools shut in Ekiti
schools shut in Ekiti
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