Nigeria may never get better as long as citizens continue to defend and vote political parties regardless of the pedigree of the candidates those parties present in an election.

We do not have political parties in this country. We only have a few good politicians that should be supported in the absence of better options.

But when we start to deny these few good ones the opportunity of leadership simply because they don't belong to the popular, or ruling parties, then Nigeria may as well rot in its state of hopelessness.

Ekiti was an election between one tested candidate against another whose capacity to govern independently the people knew nothing about.

And with the perception that the 'untested' was forced on them to achieve a third term by proxy for his principal, the people were bound to be doubtful.

So, I find it amusing when I read some PDP fans, especially from distant states who know NOTHING about the South-West and particularly Ekiti's problems shouting, “we were robbed!”.

Really? Walahi I can't stop laughing.

This election was well paid for by both parties - #4,000 to #5,000 is not small money in a state where almost everyone is broke, and the earning power is low.

Did you see the video of that old woman who had just collected PDP's 4k at the Government House but whispered to the undercover journalist to vote APC's Fayemi instead?

We were told about how a 'powerful' party shared dollar during the last Anambra governorship election. The people collected their money and oversaw their woeful loss.

Love him or hate him, our dancing Senator Adeleke of PDP whopped APC's ass in 'their own' Osun state and no one questioned his victory whether they shared money or not.

I feel these elections were won and lost long before money started exchanging hands and the individuals won, not their parties.

Dear political parties, your destinies in 2019 will lie in the hands of the candidates you present. Be guided.

Dear politicians, Nigerians are getting wiser. They will collect your money and vote who they want. After all, you're only returning some of their monies you stole.

Whether Ekiti people chose the right guy is a story for another day...maybe by 2022 we'll know but really, I do not intend to make it my headache. I am not a politician and I do not belong to any political party YET.

My concern? I believe there must have been one good person among the other 32 candidates in that Ekiti election. I wish Ekiti people tried a new person and stop waste recycling.

However, old or new, I pray the few good ones emerge in 2019, regardless of their political parties.

For Ekiti, we thank God it was a violence-free election.

Oh... I forgot Governor Fayose's neck and arm were broken by tear gas, but thankfully again both were able to support each other in less than 24 hours.

What a miracle! The Lord is good. ??

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