Royal fathers by constitutional provisions are meant to be custodians of tradition and father figures to all and sundry within their respective domains.

The charisma, elegance, majesty and royalty attached to traditional rulers make them godly, sort of.

This dignified status however seems to have been questioned on Tuesday where the council of Obas in Ondo State brazenly abdicated their traditional duties to stand under the scorching sun for several hours at Akure airport.

They were awaiting the arrival of the president.

Buhari touched down in Akure before heading to Ekiti for the grand finale of the APC campaign ahead of Saturday's governorship election.

The action of the monarch continues to generate a comparative analysis between politics and traditional institutions across the state.

Pa Oladapo, one of the oldest men in Idanre, recalls how monarchs are well respected many decades ago.

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"During our days, traditional rulers rarely go out of their palaces. When they do, it is once in a blue moon and everybody struggles to catch a glimpse of them.

"They were more respected than the head of states. Usually, it was head of state or governors that come to visit them in the palace. They would not stand up from their seats even when their visitors are leaving.

"The only time monarchs could come out for everybody to have a good sight of them is during traditional festival which comes once in a year. We worship them like gods in those days but now the situation has changed." He said.

Some school of thought however believed that their actions is a way of attracting favours from the president.

"It is a shame that our royal fathers have lost their sense of pride and value because of personal and material gains." Said Ayodele Ilesanmi.

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