“There have been assassination attempts, at least twice, between February and April 2017 by the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC),” the wife of a former Nigerian leader, Patience Jonathan claims. 

It is the continuation of a 'go at each other' that had started since the EFCC opened court cases in attempt to link some foreign funds in her account to proceeds of corruption.

The former first lady’s allegation is contained in a petition by her lawyer, Granville Abibo, to the House of Representatives.

She alleged that the EFCC had also threatened her with numerous text messages and calls. 

In the petition she further alleged that the agency had on different occasions bugged her telephone lines and that of her relatives. 

“There have been assassination attempts, at least twice, between February and April, 2017, against our client ostensibly by the operatives of the EFCC along the Yenagoa-Mbaima road, Bayelsa state, in furtherance of its unlawful actions against the former first family. 

“The EFCC and its agents have repeatedly bugged the personal telephones of our client and her relations through its many operatives and has inundated her with numerous threatening calls and text messages,” the petition read.

While asking for the intervention of the House of representatives, Mrs Jonathan also said the commission had taking over her bank accounts as well as that of her relatives and NGOs.

Another government’s agency also indicted in the petition is the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

Her legal counsel claimed that the operatives of the FIRS had vandalised the former first lady’s property in a hotel in Bayelsa State.

“On May 3, 2017, officials of the FIRS, in a convoy of about 20 trucks and over 70 personnel, raided our client’s NGO Aridolf Jo Resort Wellness and Spa Limited – situated at Kpansia expressway, Bayelsa State.”

The lawyer further alleged that the act orchestrated a massive destruction of personal property belonging to the wife of former president Goodluck Jonathan without any lawful court order or search warrant.

The EFCC had dragged the former first lady to court over

“They caused mayhem there under the guise of trying to collect unpaid taxes without following any due process provided by law to do so,” the petition added.

This petition is coming a day after the former first lady claimed that the EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu had written the British High Commission requesting that she should not be issued a visa.