Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka says some leaders of the country should be guests at the new headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja.

He noted that until corrupt Nigerian leaders start getting jailed, the war against corruption will never be won.

Soyinka said this in Abuja on Monday at the 8th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa.

He said he recently visited the new head office of the EFCC which will be inaugurated this week.

The playwright noted that on arrival at the building, he specifically asked the acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, to take him to the VIP (Very Important Person) section of the detention facility but was delighted to hear that all suspects were treated equally.

Soyinka said, “That we have been bled dry in this nation by corrupt leadership and their agencies is nothing to reiterate. It is a given. And I took the trouble  to visit the headquarters of the EFCC. I wanted to see what would be the mode of hospitality of some of our leaders who will surely, sooner or later, pass through the doors of that beautiful building.

He said “until we make some of our leaders walk through those doors of the EFCC new office the fight against corruption would not have the needed traction.

Soyinka said all the money stolen by former Head of State Sani Abacha should be fully recovered.

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