While their colleagues in other states are waiting for good news from their state governors, workers in Edo state already have something to lift their spirits.

The labour unions on Tuesday joined the nationwide march to the office of their governor to press for the newly proposed 30,000 naira minimum wage.

The governor, in his address to the members of the labour unions, reminded them that his administration was already paying N25,000 while other states are paying N18,000.

“We believe in labour and our government is labour-friendly that is why we have maintained a harmonious relationship with labour in the state and have not had a single strike in two years,” he said.

He informed the protesters that he will be in Abuja to attend a meeting where governors are to deliberate on the minimum wage.

“I want to assure you that whatever we agree in Abuja today (Tuesday), Edo State Government will be the first to implement it,” he assured.

He also added: “The President Muhammadu Buhari I know will never support that Nigerian workers should suffer because he is committed to the welfare of the common man.”

The promises that came from Governor Godwin Obaseki is beginning to trend across social media.

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