Mo Abudu's EbonyLife Films is making a movie about the plight of Afro Germans under Hitler.

The movie, titled "Ava and Duante" is set in Europe, and will focus on the plight of Afro Germans who suffered under the reign of Hitler.

The film is inspired by an article by a Professor of German Historical Studies at the University of Liverpool, Eve Rosenhaft, on the Nazi "secret" mission to sterilize hundreds of Afro German children.

Speaking about her decision to adapt the story, the Chief Executive of EbonyLife MO Abudu said, "When I read about it, I just thought we need to put this to screen," 

"There are many children in that era born of African and German parentage and I felt what happened to those people. Their stories are totally untold." Mo Abudu said.

In developing the film's plot, she commissioned scriptwriter Nicole Brown to investigate the events.

It took 15 weeks of revision to get right the script and angle they wanted to tell the story from.

The lead characters Ava, is the daughter of a wealthy German industrialist and Nazi sympathizer, while Duante is a Cameroonian who works in her father's factory.

The pair fall in love and must get their little girl out of the country or risk sterilization and the concentration camp.

"Ava and Duante" is scheduled for a 2018 release.