One of the three Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) senators from Ebonyi State,  Sonni Ogbuoji, has jumped ship.

Ogbuoji, who represents the Southern Senatorial District of the state in the upper chamber, showed up at the APC Southeast Caucus meeting, which held at the Uburu.

It is the Ohaozara country home of the Science and Technology Minister, Ogbonnaya Onu, at the weekend, in Ebonyi State.

The second term senator said the PDP is currently riddled with crisis, far beyond what many could imagine.

He added that the level of governance offered by the PDP governors was detrimental to the party and Ndigbo.

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Ogbuoji, therefore, asked people to disabuse their mind from the wrong perception that PDP is an Igbo party, stating that the APC was the best option for the southeast.

“I am one of those who believe that the issue of Igbo marginalisation cannot be corrected by shouting in the media. The Igbo have a responsibility to determine what should happen about marginalisation. It’s not to be waiting for the other people who are interested in the same thing to now give it to us; it’s not going to work.

“I believe that by joining forces; sharing ideas with those who are already in APC, we have a better chance of improving what we have.

“The level of governance that we are receiving from PDP governors is not going to help the case of the PDP and the Igbo. So, there is no need offending ourselves that PDP is an Igbo party; it’s far from it.

“As we speak today, APGA may lay claim to being an Igbo party; but certainly, PDP cannot lay claim to be an Igbo party,” Ogbuoji said.

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