The Ebonyi State Chapter of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has rejected the N22,500 new minimum wage announced by the Nigeria Governors Forum.

Bounce News in a chat with some labour leaders in Abakaliki reports that workers in the state are not happy with the development.

They rejected the NGF proposal of N22,500, which they also described as ridiculous.

The NLC Chairman in Ebonyi State, Ikechukwu Nwafor, says governors that feel they cannot pay should go back to their state and negotiate with workers.

“Our position is very clear. We do not accept that. Government proposed N30,000.00, they accepted and now they are going back to give reasons.

“The federal government should go ahead to approve N30,000.00, any governor who feels he cannot pay the N30,000.00 should go to his state and tell the workers in his state that he cannot pay.

“I believe that our workers in all the states have an immediate answer to any governor who say he cannot pay, because they know their environment and how their government spends money and know whether the governor can pay or not.

“It should not be an umbrella thing that governors cannot pay. There are some governors that have written memorandum to the tripartite committee,that they can even pay more than the N30,000.00.

“ Some governors like that of Kano state and some other states who have a figure above N30,000.00. Some gave N30,000.00,some gave below N30,000.00, some gave N27,000.00,some gave N28,000.00.

nlc march,minimum wage

“So, it is not an issue of governors coming together to say they cannot pay. We have documents and fact of various governors memorandum. Let the federal government approve the N30,000.00 .

“Of course, all our workers are in the 36 states and Abuja, we have an already made answer to such governors.

“We are not negotiating. We are going on strike on 6th of November. It is an indefinite strike and that is where we are.

“All the states in the federation are going the strike and that is the directive. The directive stands unless otherwise before that day they decided to pay.

 “The Nigerian workers should have known that there is no time they can get anything from the political class that is easy. We should stand firm for our right.

“Minimum wage is not a privilege. It is a constitutional right. The message is that everybody should be ready to fight that minimum wage because when the minimum wage comes, it as well affects the business class and otherwise.

nlc march,minimum wage

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