Prof. Bernard Odoh resigned his position as Secretary to the Ebonyi State Government on Monday April 2, 2018 citing lack of trust from governor David Umahi.

His resignation was accepted by Commissioner for Information, Emmanuel Onwe and in less than six hours, Hyginus Nwokwu was announced as replacement.

But governor Umahi would not have any of that, claiming the resignation of Odoh and appointment of Nwokpu were null and void as they were done on a public holiday.

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Instead, Umahi announce the sack of Odoh and vowed to investigate him for meddling in the investigation of a murder case in his area.

The governor narrates his own side of the story.

“When the resignation happened, senior members of my cabinet came together and said let’s accept the resignation and wish him well. But I knelt down and said Lord, my heart is clean before this young man and if I be called of God let us leave the matter before God.

“I had called him on Saturday and said my son, murder case is very bad and we are doing investigation. I want you to come and see me so I can speak with you and advise you as a father and he agreed.

“Initially he was denying that there was no problem but towards the end of our discussion he said to me that he would like to make one or two comments. But I said when you come you can make them. So, he switched off his phone till Monday.

“On Monday, he sent me a text that his health was failing him and that he was going to resign and he will let me know. Before you know, I started hearing and seeing that he has resigned on social media. So I am nullifying the acceptance that was done by government officials including the appointment of his replacement because they were all done on public holiday.

“But by the powers conferred on me as the governor of the state, I hereby announce the sack of Prof. Odoh as SSG and the investigation for meddling in murder case must be carried out thoroughly.”

It now appears the last has not been heard in the latest battle between the two as the 2019 general elections approach.

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