The host community of the popular Abakaliki Rice Mill Industry, Onuebonyi-Inyimagu in Abakaliki Local Government Area had staged a peaceful protest, saying they were being defrauded using Governor David Umahi's name.

They alleged encroachment of their land, maltreatment of their women, deprivation of their royalty, and above all, the alleged sale of the large expanse of land, which proceed was made to the state government.

They are accusing Hon. (Deacon) Joseph Ununu, Chairman, Abakaliki Rice Mill Industry.

A village head, Nweze Ugo, while addressing journalists, said they took the option to protest because of the high-handedness of Joseph Ununu, whom he alleged had sold many plots of their land without their consent.

According to Nweze, Ununu had deprived them of their right and privileges, since he became Chairman of the Rice Mill Industry.

“The right which we have as indigenes of the host community to be collecting tolls and selling tickets has completely denied us.

“The last straw that broke the Camel's back is the indiscriminate sell of our land claiming that his action is in line with the state governor's directive. He said the Governor mandated him to sell some plot of land and bring the proceed to him,” he stated.

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Nweze further explained that stakeholders from the community had approached Hon. Ununu Joseph for explanation, but he dismissed them with a wave of hand, questioning their audacity to do that.

“The reason behind our actions is to let the world to know the inhuman treatment which we have been subjected to by the man. While another is for us to pass the message across to the governor, that somebody has been cheating on us with his name”, Nweze concluded.

Mr. Monday Nwogha, Youth Leader of the entire Izzi Unuphu kindred corroborated the position of the Nweze.

He disclosed that on several occasions, their women were beaten up by Deacon Joseph's wife at the industry, while the chairman recently, had ordered the arrest and detention of their youth over frivolous matters, which they spent heavily to resolve in police.

“We also frowned at the destruction of our crops, land and economic trees, and even residential houses with bulldozers by Hon. Ununu in his bid to fence the industry beyond the land mapped out for it,” he said.

Messers Nweze Ugo and Clement Nwkuda appealed to the present administration of Engineer David Umahi to wade into the matter, so that their right, privileges and other benefits would be granted to them.

“We are calling on the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engineer David Umahi to meditate in the matter,” they said.

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