Duncan Mighty's sense of fashion has always been a topic of discussion.

Some people on social media feel that his fashion is a poor reflection of his infectious and catchy musical collaborations.

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But now, Port Harcourt's first son has decided to reply his critics.

He dared his critics to refer him to places where celebrities who are ‘custodian of Nigerian fashion’ have created jobs for the masses.

He wrote;

''I will never live the fake life u want I am proud to wear my oil resistance and anti-Hazard and post on Instagram but my last word to u all abusing me each time I post pictures from work and those sending me dm on how to dress pls those your celebrities you always refer me to that wears the best fashion, pls can u tag me or post where they have created jobs and try to eradicate unemployment in their local communities or where there are, Time is the greatest healer. I pray GOD to bless u.”

See Duncan Mighty's Instagram post below:

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