It was time for their favourite show on television and everyone had strategically positioned themselves in front of the television.

Few minutes into the show, electricity was cut off but fortunately, the generator was switched on to save the day.

Now the family was enjoying the show when suddenly the generator stopped working. At first, they thought it ran out of fuel, but they were certain there was enough fuel in it.

One of the children was asked to check what the problem was, only for the boy to discover that the generator was switched off by someone who claimed the generator was making too much noise.

This surprised the boy as the last time he checked, his father was the landlord of the house.

The confused boy ran inside to inform the family what he had just witnessed, and when the dad came out, they saw a guy who was reeking of alcohol ranting and justifying his action.

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The noise drew the attention of the tenant and friend to the drunk guy who pleaded with the landlord.

This drama was what Mr Moyomade Thomas experienced at their residence in Coker Estate, Shasha, Egbeda

According to the Mr Thomas, they were surprised to see him justifying his action despite being a squatter in the compound.

"I wanted to slap him but restrained myself after I discovered he was acting under the influence of alcohol.

“It was his friend that pleaded for him, if not, I would have dealt decisively with him," he said.

We just hope the young man is not a science student who got the formula of his chemicals totally wrong on the day.

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