When drug abuse begins gets to an advanced stage, the tendency of going gaga increases. 

An incident that happened in Onitsha, Anambra State, will leave you wondering why a drug addict should vent the effect of Tramadol and Indian hemp he had taken on an innocent business woman. 

Upper lweka is a busy area located in Onitsha. It is very popular for it's numerous commercial motor parks, food vendors, homeless people and dangerous criminals.

The weather was hot, as the sun shone fiercely, blending with a noisy environment that was tearing nerves apart.

People went about their businesses and impatient commercial drivers blared their horns and cursed each other.

Operators of several transport companies also wooed passengers through their speakers which were positioned by the road. While traders who had come from neighbouring states to buy goods at the Main Market, had them loaded in the boots of 14-seater buses and ready to leave.

"Arrgh!," a man's voice echoed, sounding higher than the noisy speakers. Quickly, people turned towards the direction of the noise.

Slimy saliva gushed out from his open mouth and dripped slowly on his sky blue Polo shirt.

As the small crowd that had gathered moved closer, he pulled the table cloth of the table on which he had been sitting. A big cooler which contained cooked yam porridge, fell to the ground.

One after the other, he pushed coolers which contained cooked food and spilled them. 

The victim, popularly called Mama Ebube, who had stood in shock as her source of livelihood was being destroyed, finally ran towards him and held his left hand.

But, he twisted her arm and tried to escape from her grip.

She hooked him firmly by the neck of his shirt while shouting and beckoning for help from the crowd that had gathered.

Those who tried to mediate, were attacked.

drug addict spills woman's food in Onitsha, Anambr

Weeping while still holding the young man captive, Mama Ebube told Bounce News that "his name is James and he used to be my customer until today.''

She explained that he came to eat on credit but, when she refused, he chased her customers away and wasted her food.

"He is a Tramadol addict that's why l didn't want to sell food to him on credit to avoid quarrel".

She wiped her nose with the back of her left hand and continued: "My yam, meat, fried plantain and ofe akwu (banga stew) cost not less than 9,000 Naira.

"He must pay for my food," she lamented.

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A man who simply identified himself as Innocent revealed that in addition to abusing Tramadol, James also takes Indian hemp and alcohol after which, he displays acts of brigandry.

He pointed at a luxury bus and said: "I drive that bus from Onitsha to Lagos and back.

"I have known him for two years when he was a wheel barrow pusher.

"He smokes like a chimney and gets violent afterwards.''

At that moment, a police van with the inscription 'Operation Kpochapu 007' arrived at the scene.

Two armed officers alighted from the van and the crowd gave way.

One of the police officials, who identified himself as Nwakibe Onyemma, explained that they handle cases involving young drug addicts.

"I recognised him immediately as a nut case.

"His behaviour is deceptive but l tell you, he will be fine when strong hand touch his body inside our cell.

"See how a hardworking woman lost both customers and her money this early morning," he said.

James and his victim were taken away in the waiting van.

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