When the report of huge consumption of codeine in Kano State came out, Nigeria's drug abuse problem became glaring.

One of the most abused over-the-counter drugs in Nigeria now is Codeine and the increasing abuse has become a source of worry for the National Assembly.

To this end, Bounce News sought out a distributor of medicines in cities in Western Nigeria to find out some answers on the Codeine abuse menace.

The medicine distributor, who requested not to be named, revealed a lot about how much Codeine abuse has spread among young Nigerians in cities like Lagos and Ibadan.


"During festive periods like Christmas and New Year, people who hold parties usually buy this drug in high quantity.

"Distributors go to the extent of hoarding this drug when it is getting close to the period to create artificial scarcity and because it is out of circulation in some states where they are highly consumed, people are willing to buy it higher than the usual price and that is more money for us,” the distributor said.

He said a bottle of Codeine could sell for as much as 2,000 Naira during this period, with addicts ready to pay that amount to get it. 

Concerns have been raised about drug abuse among young Nigerians, and the latest is a call by a film-maker, Don Pedro Obaskei, for the ban of Olamide's first single in 2018 'Science Student' which he believes promotes drug abuse.

He therefore wants the government to ban the song out-rightly.

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The National Assembly had last year raised concerns about the increasing drug abuse among young Nigerians, putting in motion a move to check the sale of codeine in some states.  

Codeine is one of the many drugs classified as an opiate - narcotics with a high potential for addiction.

It is used as a pain suppressant, but it is generally found in combinations with cough syrups to suppress the choking outbursts in the throat.

Heroin, morphine and the likes belong to the opiate family naturally gotten from the opium plant.

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