For a moment we thought the former Osun Commissioner for Land, Physical Planning and Urban Development, Muyiwa Ige, was in trouble with Osun lawmakers.

But everything that happened quickly within 48 hours has left us wondering if the age range of members of the Osun House of Assembly is 70 to 90.

First, they issued a warrant of arrest against him on Wednesday, supposedly following his refusal to appear before them to answer questions over a land issue in Ilobu area of the state.

Then, on Friday they announced the revocation of the arrest warrant.

Chairman, House Committee on Information and Strategy, Hon Olatunbosun Oyintiloye told journalists in Osogbo on Friday that all issues had been resolved.

The state Assembly members, led by the Acting Speaker, Hon. Adegboye Akintunde met with Arc. Ige where all issues were sorted out.

He stated his part on the issue in contention with the state House of Assembly leadership and members.

Ige also confirmed that the issues had been resolved amicably but maintained that he was not even aware of the earlier invitation which was said to be announced on the radio.

One begins to wonder how an announcement on a local radio whose signal probably does not cross the state borders amounts to invitation to someone who lives in another state.

Ige could not believe his ears on Thursday when he was told through a phone call by a reporter in Osogbo that he was to be arrested.

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Said to have sounded shocked at the news, he said, “I don’t know what to say. Nobody invited me, I don’t know what this is all about.

“A phone call should have been put across to me. I was in Osogbo till 7pm yesterday. How much would it have taken me to get to Osogbo from Ibadan.”

While the warrant of arrest has now been revoked and matters have been resolved, the question iswhy can’t invitation from a House of Assembly be sent via email or SMS?

Do we still live in the days when important and urgent information was at the mercy of town criers?