At first sight of the chaos inside the Agbowo Shopping Complex on Saturday, September 29, you would think it was one of those student gang clashes.

Then a police patrol van drove into the complex at top speed, with louder noise of commotion and resistance greeting their arrival.

Shouts of ole, gbomo-gbomo, kidnapper, ika, oloriburuku rented the air.

This is Ibadan, they don’t spare evil doers, even if they are just still suspects.

Bounce News correspondent with the help of a loud voice screaming press! press! got closer and was told that a man had just been caught while trying to hypnotise a student of the University of Ibadan.

Abioye Abdullahi Olawale is a 300 Level student and was on his way to Bodija market to buy some foodstuff when Sharafadeen Adeniran accosted him and demanded a handshake.

Abioye insisted there would be no handshake for a stranger but he kept pestering him.

abioye abdullahi,kidnap victim

He told Bounce News he became suspicious when the stranger tapped him on the shoulder three times and said sternly, “shake me”.

“When I wanted to scream for help, he said I should not worry again and begged that we should just bury the issue like that and I said no.

“So, I screamed, and people gathered; but he quickly removed the ring on his finger and threw it to the ground, but people asked him to pick up the ring and he refused,” Abioye said.

One of the students who joined to apprehend the man also revealed that a nylon bag containing different charms and brands of biscuit were found on him, which they suspect is part of his tools to entice children.

Unfortunately for the suspect, he kept contradicting himself when we sought to know his side of the story.

We could easily tell that this must have increased the heavy beating he got from the mob.

The man, who claimed to be an Islamic scholar smelt of alcohol which he initially denied drinking but later admitted was local herb, agbo.

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Asked to explain the fetish items in his possession, Sharafadeen could neither explain the purpose of the items, his mission and his destination coherently nor his insistence on shaking hands with Abioye.

Amidst all of this, he kept receiving phone calls from unknown persons, to whom he continued to explain his predicament, thanks to the respite he got after a shop owner locked him up to avoid lynching.

The police were able to whisk him away, albeit against the wish of the students and locals who felt the people calling him on the phone could easily influence the police to release him.

The police DPO refused to comment on the incident as she battled the angry crowd to stop another case of jungle justice.

For Abioye’s father, who rushed to the scene after a phone call, it was all gratitude to God for whatever evil had been waved away from his son.

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