All was set at the Lagos State Police Command Headquarters on Tuesday, January 15 where CP Imohimi Edgal was expected to handover to DCP Kayode Egbetokun.

It was an event meant to hold with full media coverage and journalists had arrived awaiting the moment.

Analyses of the supposed redeployment of Mr Imohimi Edgal, the political undertone and possible implications rented the air.

Then the ‘outgoing’ CP stepped out to address the media and dropped news that left the audience with mixed feelings.

“I’m sure that you know Mr Kayode Egbetokun, he is an old timer in the command.

“You all know that our first job is about order and direction (and) we were about concluding the handing and taking over procedure when we were instructed by our bosses from Abuja to suspend action for now.

“So, there will be no change of guard for now. Of course, we would keep the press briefed about any development.

“But I am happy, humbled that you find it serious enough for you all to come to witness what we are doing here. I consider it an honour,” he said.

The news came as a shock to the audience but a good number of them also saw it as a good development, considering the circumstances surrounding his planned exit did not seem right.

One of them said: “The decision to retain Edgal in Lagos, in my view, is the most cheering news heard from the police headquarters in Abuja in two years.

“Does this signal positive changes expected as the new IGP resumes? We wait and see.”

Some also consider it an embarrassment that should have been avoided by police authorities from Abuja to Lagos.

For them, the incident portrayed a police system that is uncoordinated despite the Lagos Command’s efforts to change that perception, particularly under Edgal’s leadership.

Just recently, the exit of former Lagos CP Fatai Owoseni was also shrouded in a controversy that left Lagosians wondering who their police boss was, until Mr Imohimi Edgal addressed the media as new CP.

Some Lagosians would see this as a product of Mr Edgal having pressed his own buttons in order to remain in Lagos while some see it as justice done in favour of a man who is doing well.

Whether this is a battle of godfathers or the police system is just trying to fix an anomaly, none would matter to Lagosians as long as the mega city remains safe.

So, let the good work continue and get better.

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