We would normally have them live on air speaking nicely about artistes that are making raves with killer tunes but on Tuesday, there was an exception.

What started as a mere morning to afternoon shift handover turned out to be a table shaking session on 96.9 Cool FM in Lagos.

Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode popularly known as DO2dTUN was in a mood to reveal a lot about his relationship with some artistes and how ungrateful they are.

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Dotun lunched out at Falz who he accused of being disrespectful at an event where they both performed.

"The microphone at the venue wasn't really good. So his (Falz') manager comes to me to ask politely to use my microphone.

"If you know me, I never give out my microphone. But since he said it was Falz, I said it's ok.

"I was watching the guy walk over to Falz with the microphone from where I was.

"He (Falz) was like 'Why are you giving me this? I don't want to use this.' He was looking at it like filt'

"I went down and walked up to him and said Let me have my microphone. I took it and walked away.

"Let me tell you what that showed me. It's like these guys (artistes) they send a lot of signals. They act like bro we are cool.

"I was watching Falz and he was visibly angry that they gave him my microphone. 

"But all the bigger guys used it. Reminise used it, some other people used it. It's just a show. You can choose to use it or turn it down politely", he said.

Dotun also spoke about his past relationship with Falz even before the entertainer became a super star.

"I remember having a conversation with Falz at Kaliente when he had not blown and I said 'Bro I used to play your mixed tapes all the way from London'.

"He used to send me his mixed tapes and I would play it. He never used to put his face on it it was always a cartoon. 

"I never met the guy before but I used to play the music. Now look at him Falz The Badh Guy. He is one of the biggest starts but they forget these things", he added.