For residents of Democratic Republic of Congo expecting provisional election results on January 6, they may have to wait much longer.

This may be due to some difficulties being experienced by DR Congo's election commission.

"We are working around the clock. We are doing our best to publish the results on January 6. But if we can't, we can't," said Corneille Nangaa, head of the Independent National Election Commission (CENI).

DR Congo, which is sub-Saharan Africa's biggest country and one of its most unstable, has been buffeted by political turbulence for the past two years.

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President Joseph Kabila, 47, should have stepped down at the end of 2016 when his constitutionally-limited two terms in office expired.

But he invoked a caretaker clause in the constitution to stay on, sparking protests which were ruthlessly crushed, leaving scores dead.

After repeated delays, the long-awaited presidential election to choose his successor was held on Sunday.

Tensions have, however, risen over the marathon counting process with opposition fears running high that the result will be rigged to favour Kabila's preferred successor Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary.

CENI had pledged to issue provisional results by January 6 - with the timetable confirmed by the commission on Tuesday.

Definitive results are due out on January 15, with the new president to be sworn in three days later.

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