It was a scary sight at the Isokun area of Ilesha, Osun state on Friday night when suspected cultists stormed a pharmacy.

They pounced on the woman who owns the shop and used a bottle to stab her on the hand and chest.

A customer, Quadri, was also not spared for trying to be a hero. He got his head smashed in the brawl.

What could Iya Ajemo, a medicine seller, have done to a men’s cult group? Investigation revealed that the woman’s son was the main target of the cultists.

Eyewitnesses told Bounce News that the assailants arrived around 9PM and missed their target by whiskers.

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They quoted the cult members as saying it was Iya Ajemo’s son that offended them but since they were unable to meet him, his mother would die in his place.

Attempts to reach the victim failed as no one knew the hospital she was taken to because of her safety.

The cult attack was led by one Oriade Tobiloba, with another one identified as Busayo also spotted among them.

The interesting twist now is that Tobiloba’s mom has quickly reached out to Iya Ajemo to plead on his son’s behalf.

She is begging that they should not involve the police in the case as she would take responsibility for the cost of treatment.

Is it enough to pay the hospital bills though? Should Tobiloba, her violent son and his gang, who are obvious risks to the community be allowed to continue walking freely?

It is unknown if the victim or her family have agreed to settle the matter informally.

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