Thou shall not intimidate or assault a lady both in public or private - did Jazzy's bodyguard forget the golden etiquette rule?

The Mavin boss fired his personal bodyguard after a video of the macho man surfaced online where he threatened to ‘wooz’ a female customer at a fast-food joint.

After the video of the body guard identified as Chidi Irechukwu, went viral, the music executive had no choice, but to do the ‘needful’.

A remorseful Chidi in an interview said he regrets his actions and that it was the woman who provoked him.

"She said why would I park my car like a thief. Her indirectly calling me a thief got me angry and that was why I spoke to her in that manner and called her unprintable names.

"I never meant the threat of beating her. My mother raised me well never to beat a woman. When I was leaving the eatery, I was sad over the incident", he said.

See the video below: