"The strike by the Resident doctors is regrettable as the sick are left to bear the brunt".

That's according to policy analyst, Boniface Chizea. He said this in an interview with Bounce News while highlighting the implication of the doctors decision on the society.

The National Association of Resident Doctors' strike is in its third day and a lot is already happening.

Much of the nation’s population depends on government hospitals for treatment, since bills that private hospitals offer is not something a minimum wage of 18,000 Naira can cover.

Nigerians who depend on these hospitals have been forced to seek other options or wait patiently on long queues to see public consultants at health centres.

Doctors that are on internship and those on National Youth Service are other doctors they can rely on.

In Kano, activities at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital slowed down on Wednesday, with consultants seen attending to patients as ordered by the Minister of health, Professor Isaac Adewole.

But the hospital’s Deputy Director of Information, Aminu Inuwa, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the situation is worrisome.

Other components of the hospital had been at their best to cover up, yet the hospital is still feeling the effect of the strike, he stated.

The Resident Doctors strike is just in its early days and there are a few reasons the government has to do something fast about the situation.

1.      There are already more than enough agitations for the government to handle and having a situation where people cannot get treatment because doctors are on strike will whip up more disenchantment.

2.      The economy is still recovering from recession and losing revenue in any form to such a sit-at-home could have ripple effects.

3.      There is no price control in Nigeria and private hospitals which will now serve as the only alternative for ill persons. The poor is getting poorer, licking their wounds and waiting for 2019.

4.      Not reaching an agreement that is realistic with the doctors will discourage other medical practitioners abroad that may be considering returning home to plug the brain drain.

Two major sectors - education and health - are shut down and Dr. Chizea, warns that these sectors are primary services which ought to receive the government undivided attention.

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Dr. Chizea suggests that "it is imperative to adopt clear policies for all aspects of governance to capture objectives and goals and appropriate strategies to end the apparent groping in the dark".

"It could have been better to provide for cost recovery through some revolving fund mechanism," he added.

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