A minimum of 4 years is required to get a university degree in Nigeria, but the assurance of getting a job is less than 20 percent.

The situation is quite complicated.

First class graduates lack relevant skills to undertake the responsibilities that come with the few jobs that are available.

They are brilliant enough to know the theories and meet the examiners requirements for the grades.

But the problem is they hardly ever had to apply these theories to solve real life challenges.

There is a glaring disconnect between turning knowledge received in school into skills that employers find tangible and worthy of reward.

Graduates and undergraduates now need training that will equip them with relevant skills before they begin to swim in the employment pool.

It is one thing to get the skills and it is another to be linked to organisations looking to hire or take interns per time.

Stutern, an internship website is providing a very rare opportunity for graduates and undergraduates to get necessary training.

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It has scheduled a second edition of its annual Nigeria Internship Fair and it will hold on August 18 and 19.

Nigerian youths make up an alarming 60% of the over 170 million population, with tertiary institutions graduating about 2.5 million youths annually.

Over 40% of the graduates remain unemployed for 3-5 years after graduating.

Stutern says earlier edition of the fair were quite successful.

“From the result, we have successfully filled over 70% of last quarter’s positions successfully and this upcoming fair will be providing internship and entry level job opportunities from hundreds of employers.

“We will be addressing soft-skills and employability issues with engaging workshops and panel sessions from leading companies,” Stutern says.

The Internship Fair will cost 2,000 Naira and prior to the fair, employers will be posting their positions on Stutern and candidates will have a chance to apply.

Candidates will however be screened in order to pick the best potentials that will be interviewed.

The platform is also encouraging interested individuals to join the Facebook group where it will host leading Human Resources experts to prepare candidates for the fair.

Candidates and Employers can register for the Fair on www.stutern.com/fair.