More women in Nigeria have been advised to engage in active politics seeking leadership positions.

However, there are a few misconceptions that women involved in politics, which is often considered as a game, are loose.

It was one issue raised by the Women Leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State, Martina Dakup, and she believes this has continued to force most Nigerian women to remain on the sidelines.

"A lot of women want to participate in politics; many of them want to be part of the decision-making processes, but they are discouraged by society’s view of women who participate in politics,’’ Dakup told the News Agency of Nigeria on Thursday in Jos.

According to her, the Nigerian society still believes that women are supposed to remain at home and cater for their families and children.


“When you stray outside, the wrong impression will be created; people will assassinate your character and call you names.

“Only very bold women can openly participate in politics because there are so many negative cultural and traditional beliefs to contend with,’’ she said. 

In Africa, Rwanda has the highest number of women in politics and it ranks number one in the world.

The nation’s economy as at 2017 made list of 10 fastest growing economies in Africa which Nigeria is not part of.

If you still believe women in politics are unfaithful, here's what a girl-child empowerment advocate and a business man, Phil Nwokolo, has to say to you.

"Rwanda had topped list of fastest growing economies in Africa at a time it had more women coming into leadership positions.

"After the Genocide, Rwandan women were driven by what we call in philosophy, instinct of self-preservation and they began to press for self-recognition.

"It took time, but the government eventually gave women a statutory leverage to occupy 30% of government leadership in Rwanda.

“As we speak now, the parliament, the Senate of Rwanda is consisted of 64% women.

“Political analyst attributed the growth to the fact that women are more in parliament.

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“Women are builders, he said, quoting a bible verse that talks about a wise woman building her home.

Nigeria is under an obligation of an Affirmative Action that allocates a certain number of leadership position to women.

The Beijing conference of 1995 recommended 35% allocation for women in political positions, power and decision making.

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