Music literally saved rapper, DMX from a long time in prison.

DMX got a lighter sentence after his lawyer played his song in court  to get his time in jail reduced.

Prosecutors were determined that the 47-year-old rapper, known to law enforcement and the courts as Earl Simmons, got five years, due to his long run-ins with the law.

But during the rapper's recent sentencing, his attorney played DMX's  "Slipping" and it is  believed that it helped reduce  a possible 5 year jail term to just one year.

The rapper got one year imprisonment for a tax fraud.

"He is a good man, but in many ways, he is his own worst enemy" said the Judge, as he decided to be lenient and give him one year.

Dear musician, next time you commit a crime, playing your music in court might not save you.

Because it worked for DMX, it might not work for you.