3 hours and 56 seconds. That's how long DJ Obi will have to extend his time on the turn table if he is to reclaim the World Record.

DJ Colossus has been certified by the Guinness World Record as holder of the longest DJ set ever.

The DJ has surpassed Nigerian DJ Obi's record of 229 hours and 58 minutes of uninterrupted Disc Jokey-ing. 

DJ Obi’s ten-day attempt came to a close, due to medical advice, at 1:28pm on Saturday, July 2, 2016.

Chauncey Graves, whose professional stage name is DJ Colossus, officially broke the record at 1:00pm Sunday, having begun his set Thursday, April 20 in Louisville, Kentucky US.

Colossus was allowed a five-minute break for every hour completed.

The DJ in an interview said he was challenged to go for it after seeing that a Nigerian DJ was the current record holder.

"That bothered me since it was in America that scratching and turntables started. I knew I could be the one to bring it to America. It was never about Guinness for me, it was bigger than that to me."