The state of things at the Ondo State maximum prison, Olokuta is worrisome and there is need for urgent intervention.

While many of the inmate have thrown their hope of freedom into the dustbin of impossibility, the hopeful ones are groaning under the fear of death that is starring at them.

The prison facility has been inundated with infectious diseases which were allegedly caused by overpopulation of the inmates.

There have been consistent calls by the prison management and members of the public over the last few years to de-congest the prison without any response from the state authority.

The recent report from the correctional centre has left sour taste in the mouth, as it was said to be ravaged with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, skin and lung cancer and other form of airborne diseases.

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"We lost two of the inmates few weeks ago to an infectious disease and not less than 300 of them are currently suffering from one ailment or the other.

"They all got it here. Once any of them is sick, about twenty people will develop that sickness the following day and we will begin to battle with them. That is what we have been dealing with here," said one of the prison officials.

According to the resident doctor of Olokuta Prison, Dr. Ogunlayi, congestion is the major factor responsible for the multiplication of infectious diseases especially tuberculosis in the prison.

"We have lost some of them due to lack of adequate care. There are limited medical facility to take care of them. The only way out is de-congestion because right now, many of them are down with one disease or the other and there is little we can do."

The facility which was built to accommodate 272 inmates is currently housing about 848 (an overshoot of 211.74%) with 662 inmates having their cases pending in court.

According to the director of public prosecution in the state ministry of justice, Agnes Olowoporoku, most of the inmates’ cases were stalled at the court because of loss of their original case file.

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