People living with disability in Nigeria are not happy with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Their grievance is hinged on a demand that they are making and they want the President to meet it. 

They are under the Joint National Association of Persons with Disabilities and they want President Buhari to sign the Disability bill, saying they may vote against him in 2019 election.

At a media dialogue in Abuja on Monday, the group said it had over 27 million members, noting that it was not joking on its resolve to vote against the President if he failed to sign the bill.

The Senate and House of Representatives had passed the bill recently and awaiting transmission to the President for assent.

Speaking on behalf on the group, the National President, Ekaite Umoh, expressed worries that the same bill had been passed three times, only for successive presidents to refuse assent.

She insisted that it would be impossible to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) if the disabled were not catered for.

“Our members have their PVC, and we are ready to mobilise, we are going to mobilise our people, and our people also have family.

"We are not joking this time around, we won’t wait.

"President Muhammadu Buhari told us that it would be first thing on his one hundred days, now it is no longer priority, we are surprised,” she said.

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Funding had been identified as one reason the government may have avoided signing the bill into law, but the union said that argument holds no water, as the President already signed into law the North East Development Commission Act.

She added that the group was willing to negotiate compliance period for the law.

The government has continued to reassure the group that the President would sign the bill.

Head of Legal Drafting Department of the National Assembly, Hassan Mohammed, again told the group that the bill within one week would be sent to the President.

"The department is only scrutinising to ensure that it is perfect," the OrderPaper quoted him as saying. 

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