Is this "Aje kun iya ni'oje" coming to the Senator like he sang in one of his videos

The 'music video superstar' Senator, Dino Melaye, was arrested on Monday morning at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, by officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service after checking in for his journey to Morocco.

His arrest came weeks after the police said his name was added to a list of suspects submitted to Interpol for immediate arrest anywhere he was found.

This order was carried out while he was on his way to Morocco on official assignment. 

Reactions now trail his arrest and one of the persons that have spoken is the 'Common Sense' Senator, Ben Bruce.

He is demanding for the release of his arrested colleague.  


He wrote: "I call for the immediate and unconditional release of Dino Melaye.

"He is one of the few voices left that still speaks truth to power. Nigeria needs men like that and the Dino I know will not be cowed by arrest or persecution.

"Melaye played a major role in bringing this government into being.

"It will be very unfortunate if the sane government he fought for turns around to be the one fighting him. Let this be a lesson for anyone who is fighting for their 2nd term. After you are no longer useful".

Police or immigration have not issued any statement on his arrest. 

Find Out What He Was Arrested In: Immigration Arrests Dino Melaye

His comment on Twitter was also followed by some other funny comments by Nigerians, with one of the comments linking the arrest to his dressing. 'He looks like a Yahoo Boy,' the comment stated. 

Here are a few of them.

nigerians react to dino melaye's arrest
nigerians react to dino melaye's arrest