The man who gave prophecy that relates to the siege by the DSS on the National Assembly is at it again. 

Dino Melaye, a Senator representing Kogi West, is standing trial for alleged gun running, but he could not make it to court on Wednesday. 

He was somewhere 'calling God', while the trial was supposed to hold.

On the last date of the hearing, the Senate alleged that he was kidnapped by gunmen on his way to court.

However, Wednesday, August 9, was another day for the trial but the Senator did not show up in court. 

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Instead, Senator Melaye shared images of him by his Ferrari car, while making a call.

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Comments in the images were about him calling God and his readiness to listen to hear God speak. 

"Got God," he said.

Dino Melaye Calls God on Phone

In another image of him by the car he said: "God speak for your servant hears". 

Senator Melaye had denied allegations of gun running insisting that he was being persecuted because he had antagonised the government of the day. 

Dino Melaye Calls God on Phone

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