So in case you missed it, tennis superstar and new mom, Serena Williams lost to new kid on the block, 20-year old Naomi Osaka.

Serena lost to Naomi in a 6-2, 6-4 set in a match that was marred by high emotions which saw Serena smash her racket. She was eventually penalised for receiving tips from her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, a move that is frowned upon in tennis.

Serena charges at the umpire

Serena, however, vehemently denied receiving tips from her coach and took on the umpire calling him ''a thief'' and threatening that he would never umpire any of her matches again.

''I'd rather lose than cheat'' she fired at the umpire before stalking off.

All of this eventually took the shine away from Osaka's first win, with the crowd even booing her before Serena herself eventually had to address them to quit the jeering.

It was a highly emotional game for Serena

Serena has said she was fighting for the rights of women, adding that men had thrown similar tantrums without getting penalised for it, while women can't even take off their tops in celebration.

In the wake of all the drama, many have taken to social media to react to Saturday night's events with some defending Serena's stance while others have berated her for taking the shine away from Osaka, who has repeatedly described Serena as her idol and the person who encouraged her to start playing tennis.

See some of the reactions below:

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Do you agree that the match was rigged against Serena?

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I've really tried not to comment on this issue but seeing all the posts and comments this morning is just even more annoying! There's no excuse for BAD BEHAVIOUR period! The pressure was equal on both sides of the court, both were gunning for a record, but difference is that Serena had the advantage of experience, she's been here too many times not to understand how to deal. Has anyone stopped to consider how distracting it was for Naomi? Watching your idol throw tantrums and trying to keep your focus. You could see Naomi was clearly affected after the drama she lost a set with almost no points before she came back strong. Yes she may have felt cheated but that was no way to handle it. Naomi was by far the better player and she was the victim in the end, the one who got robbed of her glorious moment and had to apologise for winning! I see posts praising Serena saying she was a Class act bla bla and bla, it won't kill y'all to admit the truth for once! #Serena #serenawilliams #Naomi #usopen #badbehavior

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#pressplay and swipe to watch the second part. Now that everyone may be a little calm, I’d like to talk about Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka at the #usopen yesterday night. Naomi Osaka won the match but she couldn’t celebrate because the match was controversial and Serena fans booed all through as she was being announced the winner . The whole situation left a sour taste in my mouth because I’ve seen Serena lose before and she didn’t throw tantrums like this. So I wonder: - Did she throw a tantrum because she already lost the first set and was feeling overwhelmed - Should she have taken it upon herself to think about Naomi before taking all the shine away from her at the end? - Was Serena overtly emotional and could have dealt with this situation outside court, spoken to the press and then petitioned the umpire? - If she hadn’t spoken up immediately she was fined, maybe the moment would have passed and her point wouldn’t have been made . . In the end, Serena embraced Naomi and made her fans stop booing. Naomi couldn’t enjoy her win and as she said while in tears, “I wish things had not ended this way”. Me too, Naomi. I LOVE Serena and will also do, she’s so well put together and I still can’t find a position to stand on about yesterday’s match . Did you watch? What do you think? . #DANG #usopen #grandslam #serena #serenawilliams #naomiosaka

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