It was the particular should he sustained injury in that awful encounter. 

Sometimes an injury may go by the scare will remain. 

The UEFA Champions League draw held on Thursday and Mohamed Salah found himself sitting in front of the man that ended his Champions League dream last season, Sergio Ramos. 

It appears that both players have not reconciled since that incident that also affected the Egyptian's performance at the world cup. 

Salah sat still even when Ramos touched his shoulder, snubbing the Real Madrid 'hit-man' that pulled him down and gave him a shoulder injury. 

Sergio Ramos sat behind Mohamed Salah at the Champ

He was emotionless and that particular action brought back memories of what had happened in that game between Liverpool and Real Madrid on 26 May, 2018.

Many Liverpool fans blamed Ramos for their team's defeat in that game that ended 3-1. 

Salah was injured and the injury almost ruled him our of Egypt's world cup squad.

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