Nollywood actress, Aisha Abimbola died on May 16, 2018 and has since been buried in faraway Canada.

This apparently denied her fans, colleagues and larger family members the opportunity to pay their last respect to the beautiful lady.

So, one would expect that any event held in honour of her in Nigeria would be well attended.

When the Golden Movie Ambassadors of Nigeria (TGMAN) announced their plan to hold a candlelight procession and memorial service in her honour, it was an easy decision to attend.

In any case, TGMAN is the actors’ body that Aisha belonged to during her lifetime and she even served as their Vice President until her death while veteran actor, Saidi Balogun is President.

The emotional candlelight procession held on Wednesday night at the LTV Blue Roof event centre and Bounce News was there.

But what surprised us was the low turnout of her fellow actors and actresses at the event.

When they flooded the web space with #RIP, #AishaLivesOn, #OmogeCampusLivesOn...etc, one would have expected them to turn out massively but they did not.

A number of movie and theatre practitioners like Bimbo Akinsanya, Tunji Sotiminrin, Allwell Ademola were present, with the likes of Kunle Afod, Sunkanmi Omobolanle and TGMAN President, Saidi Balogun taking the lead.

We also saw veteran actors like Segun Remi (aka Chief Kanran), Ojoge, Kola Olaiya on hand to pay their last respect.

Quite a number of upcoming acts too but to be honest, it seemed more like a boycott by top stars – her colleagues.

Rights Activist, Dr Joe Odumakin was also at the forefront with several media organisations and their executives present and providing support but where were the top stars?

A movie producer shared his pain with Bounce News on condition of anonymity. “This is unfair,” he said.

He believes the ‘boycott’ was a product of the rivalry that exits between the different actors’ bodies, noting that members of ITPAN and ANTP might have deliberately refused to recognise TGMAN.

He wondered why such rivalries could not be suspended in honour of the departed, knowing Aisha was the kind of actress who worked with everyone regardless of professional affiliation.

A media executive, who also observed the low turnout, however, believes that the publicity by TGMAN was not good enough and this must be why actors did not show up as expected.

Whatever the reason is, one thing we know is that if this was a fuji artiste’s birthday bash, the same Yoruba actors and actresses would have stormed the place in hundreds with different shades of aso-ebi.  

Nigerian celebrities really need to stop the social media pretense and truly be good to themselves and the society.

Where is the love?

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