It appears the snake that visited the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has meandered into the office of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the House of Representatives is going after it.

It must not swallow the money and if it had swallowed at all, it will have to vomit it, that is what the members of the House are saying.

Money is missing everywhere now and lawmakers are beaming their light on this one to find it quick. 

On Thursday, the House of Representatives, resolved to probe the financial operations of NEMA.

The resolution followed a motion under matters of urgent public importance by Benjamin Wayo (Benue-APC) on “the alleged violation of public trust at the agency”.

Wayo, who moved the motion, said that NEMA had been unable to account for the more than 17 billion Naira it had received so far.


According to him, the core mandate of NEMA is to coordinate the management of disaster across Nigeria and to assist victims.

“In spite of this core mandate, several cases of disasters across the country have not been given necessary attention which is the hunger issue in IDPs camps in the Northeast, the farmers and herdsmen conflicts, fire disaster victims and many other such cases that have been neglected.

He said the house is “concerned that the agency has received more than 10 billion Naira from 20% from the National Ecological Fund in the last one year, five billion Naira for hunger intervention in the Northeast, about two billion Naira for flood intervention across the country.”

Wayo noted that these funds were illegally siphoned by officials of the agency through dubious award of contracts without delivering relief items to the victims.

According to him, the Director General of the agency also awards contracts to companies he has personal interest in and has violated his approval limits by awarding contracts to single firm without due process.

He further expressed concerns that the agency is the only federal agency that had an Air Ambulance but had turned it into financial venture without remitting the financial proceeds to government coffers.

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Consequently, the House mandated its Committee on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness to investigate the allegations in six weeks.