The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is claiming to have succeeded to convince its members to boycott Saturday's council polls in Enugu.

According to results released by the State’s Independent Electoral Commission (ENSIEC), the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) swept all the chairmanship positions in the 17 council areas of Enugu State.

IPOB Spokesperson, Emma Powerful, in a statement claims there was near total boycott of voting in all key wards of the state, adding the group have, in true indomitable style, sent a clear and unambiguous message to the powers that be in Nigeria that they are in total and absolute control of all areas in ‘Biafraland’.

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However, results released by ENSIEC did not indicate any massive boycott of the election.

Emma Powerful said: "There will be no more usual charade called elections, which is more or less a government sanctioned festival of rigging, electoral fraud, political thuggery, mayhem and criminality.

"As the number one defender of the interest of all the people of Biafra, IPOB will continue to resist the criminality and electoral fraud of the Nigerian State until sanity is restored in our land through a United Nations supervised referendum.

"We also thank those in Enugu who contributed in one way or the other to making this election boycott exercise a successful one.

"The people of Enugu have shown us the way.

"It is now up to Biafrans in the targeted and upcoming Anambra State Gubernatorial elections to finish off the work on the 18th November 2017".

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