Lagos lawmaker, Segun Olulade believes that the remark credited to Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu on military intervention was unfortunate.

He wonders why any Nigerian would imagine a coup in the country and cautioned politicians against calling for a military coup.

“We should not be talking about military returning to power at this time when the present government is trying very hard to put the country back to its rightful place.

“Anyone talking about military coup doesn’t love the country,” Olulade stressed.

He added: “We should be careful not to be inviting the military into our politics, such statement that suggest the return of the military should not have come from a member of the legislative arm of government.

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“A true democrat will know that anytime the military strikes, the legislature will be the first to suffer.

“We can all remember what we went through during the military era, in which the citizens suffered severe hardship.

“So, we should guard against any action or inaction that can give rise to military intervention and interruption of our democracy.”

He cautioned parliamentarians to watch their statements, so as not to encourage the military to topple the government and interrupt the country’s democracy.

No cause for alarm, however, as the military has said that they are thorough professionals with no ambition in politics whatsoever.

The Army said that the statement of Senator Ekweremadu even as it appeared “cautionary and sincere in the atmosphere of discourse” was “derogatory to the Army and by extension to the Armed Forces of Nigeria”.