Mother and Child hospital which used to be the last resort for pregnant women in Ondo state has become a money spinning machine.

Expectant mothers are now pay through their noses to get medical attention at the health facility owned by the Ondo state government.

It was built by Mimiko's administration to provide quality health service at no cost.

Damilola Akinlosotu is one of the victims of the new unfriendly policy. She was reportedly detained for nearly a month after the delivery of her baby through cesarean session which attracted additional cost.

While narrating her ordeal, the 18-year-old mother noted that the person responsible for her pregnancy absconded and told her he does not need a baby.

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"It has been a bad experience for me. The other patients in the hospital are the ones giving me food because there is no one to cater for me", she said tearfully.

Fortune, however, smiled on her recently when one Dr. Maxwell Adelosoye visited his colleague in the hospital and was intimated about her case and how she has been depending on others to survive.

The visiting doctor was said to have immediately offset the bill and also empowered her financially so as to take care of her newborn.

Speaking on his intervention, Adelosoye noted that the woman’s case was so pathetic that he decided to help.

"This is what I see daily in various hospitals. I have been supporting patients for over 10 years now, even while in school as a medical student." He maintained.

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