If you are planning to leave Nigeria for Denmark in search of greener pastures, that move may become more difficult soon.

The Danish government is seeking cooperation with Nigeria in tackling what it terms "irregular migration".

Some Nigerians have journeyed into Europe through land and must have found their way into Denmark, but the government of the nation wants to cut down the number.

It is not clear if deportation of such Nigerians is one of the options being considered.

Development Cooperation Minister, Ulla Tornæs, and a delegation from Denmark met with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama, in Abuja on Wednesday.

Tornaes was accompanied by Denmark's Minister for Immigration and Integration, Inger Stojberg and the Ambassador of Denmark to Nigeria, Torbben Getterman.

The delegation is also in Nigeria to strengthen the trade relations between the two countries and Tornaes assured the minister that more Danish investors would soon head to Nigeria.

She addressed reporters after the meeting.

To Assist Through Investment

“We are here in Nigeria to strengthen the trade relations between Nigeria and Denmark and it is also to address challenges of irregular migration to Europe.

“We have very good discussion on how we can cooperate more and what we can do to address the irregular migration to Europe and how to assist Nigeria on returnees’ integration.

“We are trying to address the root causes of the migration and the core of it is what we can do to assist Nigeria and other African countries to stem the tide”.

She said some of the plans were to assist through investment in key sectors such as agriculture, education, job creation and empowerment.

“We believe that the reason why young people go to Europe is because of the lack of the hope for the future.

“We would very much like to help address the issue on education, health and all kinds of other development areas.”

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