It is Nigeria’s Democracy Day and the nation's current democratic dispensation is 19 years down the line. 

Every politician that believes in democracy is dropping one message or another for Nigerians and their supporters, reassuring them of better days ahead.

Democracy Day celebration sometimes reminds one of the dirty game people who are in politics play with Nigerians.

Nothing has not been heard, including the dirty game of politics with human lives. People could kill just to get a political position. 

The situation has chased several persons away from politics and young Nigerians are the most hit in the loss of faith in the political system.

Leroy Edozien APC governorship ticket aspirant tal
Leroy Edozien, Delta State Governorship aspirant under All Progressives Congress

In Delta Stat, man is aspiring to govern the oil-rich south-south extraction under the All Progressives Congress, Leroy Edozien, and he wants young Nigerians to see that politics is not a dirty game. 

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He has a story to tell about his experience when he announced his interest in politics.

“When I informed family, friends and associates that I was going into party politics, many of them had reservations.

“The common theme was ‘politics is a dirty game’.

“Some of them phrased their concerns rather euphemistically as ‘security concerns’.

“A couple put it bluntly: you will be killed.

“Others were concerned that I would lose all of my limited and hard-earned resources to deceitful politicians and followers.

“Why would I want to wallow in mud or swim in murky waters, they wondered,” he wrote on his Facebook page. 


He highlighted that a pastor had told him that ‘politics is not a dirty game; it is some politicians who play it dirty’. 

“This resonated with me, as I have always believed that I could deliver a clean but effective approach to politics in Nigeria. 

“Partisanship, intrigue, brickbats will always be a normal and acceptable part of politics in Nigeria and elsewhere.

“These are not what make Nigerians describe politics as dirty,” he stated.

What makes politics a dirty game then?

“It is the violence, the deceit and the corruption that has made politics in Nigeria dirty,” Dr. Edozien emphasised. 

He had experienced this dirty politics sometime in the Second Republic, when the late Waziri Ibrahim (exponent of 'politics without bitterness') said to his opponents: ‘We were supposed to be playing football, but they followed the rules of netball’.

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How is this medical doctor different from other politicians? This is a popular reaction that has trailed the post and he says he is offering a new approach to politics in Nigeria, starting from his own state, Delta State.

“Let us move from self-interest politics to ‘politics of service and development’.

“If we can build a critical mass of persons who can resist the temptation to play dirty (‘if you can’t beat them, join them’), then Nigerian politics will have a better image,” he wrote.

Comments have continued to pour in from Nigerians who apparently still see politics as dirty and lack the tiniest of belief that the game could be played like football to which many of them are fans.

politics is a dirty game.

politics is a dirty game.
politics is a dirty game.