Nigeria's quest to return to the nation's former economic mainstay - Agriculture - has continued and young Nigerians have got to face the reality if they are to ever have jobs to do. 

There seems to be jobs in a sector that many young Nigerians are not so keen about at at the moment.

In Delta State, the situation is not different. 

The State, blessed with crude oil and vast arable land has continually taken its eyes away from the arable land to the black gold further down, deep down the soil.

But that must change if the young indigenes of the state will ever have the hope of getting good jobs in future. 

Consistently, Nigeria's crude oil buyers have continued to depreciate even though the nation still manages to produce over 2.10 million barrels per day. 

Abject Hopelessness

The shift away from crude oil dependency to agriculture is necessary to be able to create jobs and keep Deltans in Delta State, said Dr Leroy Edozien, who is aspiring to clinch the ticket of the All Progressives congress for the 2019 governorship election. 


"We all talk about youth empowerment, but the first thing for the youths for me is jobs! jobs!! jobs!!!

"They must have a source of employment and source of income.

"They must have something to look forward to as opposed to now where it is almost a case of abject hopelessness," he told Bounce News.

His priority is not so different from that of the ruling APC, as he says his focus in terms of providing jobs for young Delta indigenes if he emerges governor will be agriculture. 

Leroy Edozien APC governorship ticket aspirant tal
Leroy Edozien is a gynaecologist says Delta State is blessed with land for agriculture

"Agriculture is obviously my number one priority and when you talk about agriculture, it does not mean that everybody has to go tilling the ground.

"It is a value chain.

"There are some people that will be preparing the ground, people who will focus on planting and others who will be interested in harvesting.

"When you get the final product, it has to be processed and so there are people involved in processing and there are also others who will be in agro-related industries.

"There are also others who will be in marketing and it is a whole value chain," the APC governorship ticket aspirant who is also a medical doctor explained.

One thing he, however, highlighted was that everyone has got to be creative in choosing where to focus on and how to go about it. 

If you love information technology, Dr. Edozien believes there is a place for you in the whole value chain.

"If you are a young person that is not interested in tilling the ground and you are interested in marketing, it is there for you.

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"There are spin-offs small and medium enterprises and micro enterprises that will all come from all these.

"Using agriculture is an integrative approach to development. It is not just in silos, but you are looking at the entire chain and job creation will come from some of these things.

"Somebody who is interested in Information Technology will have a niche that spins-off from the agricultural value chain and it is creative thinking," he explained.

Dr. Edozien believes he has what it takes to clinch the governorship ticket of the APC in Delta State which has been ruled by the Peoples Democratic Party since 1999.

If you want to get the jobs in the agriculture sector put your brain to work and be creative.