After months of sharing his ideology and vision across local council areas in Delta, a governorship aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, Leroy Edozien has a bone to pick with the requirements demanded by the party's leadership.

Nominations forms have been pegged at N22.5 Million while indirect primaries will also be adopted.

On Wednesday, September 12, Team Leroy Edozien met at the Edozien Country home in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

Prof. Leroy Edozien, former APC governorship aspir

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The Chairman of the group, Anslem Onianwa announced some conclusions reached by the team.

1. In their opinion, the fee of twenty-two million, five hundred thousand Naira (N22,500,000.00) stipulated by the party for gubernatorial nomination forms was too high, bearing in mind that the Principal has been spending his own hard-earned money.

2. It was too much of a gamble to stake such a high amount of money as the Pricipal would be making the aspirants a total number of at least five, of which four would be from Delta North - which diminishes the chances of Delta North candidacy for Governor.

3. The implications of indirect primaries were also considered.

4. The funds would be more usefully spent empowering different demographics who are currently in need, assisting team members who were running for various other elective positions in the party and funding  projects in the state which would project the ideals that Leroy Edozien stands for. 

Team Edozien Agree Not To Waste N22.5M On APC Nomi

Onianwa recommended that Prof. Leroy Edozien should reconsider his wish to purchase his nomination form. 

Speaking exclusively to Bounce News on Sunday, Prof. Edozien said it would be more profitable if the sum is spent specifically on people projects specifically political, social and educational.

He also had a few words for the APC's leadership.

"As a self-funded aspirant with a deep commitment to service, development and social justice, I am disaapointed that my party has placed a financial obstacle in my path to governance. 

"As a party of progressives, the APC should be proactive in supporting candidates of character, candour, competence and charisma. 

"In setting the fees for nomination forms, political parties should not advertently or inadvertently send the message that the pursuit of elective position is an investment from which candidates and their sponsors will reap a harvest on getting into office. 

"Also, if a political party wishes to impose a geometrical increase in the fee for nomination forms, it is only fair that it should indicate this well in advance so that aspirants know what lies ahead", he said.