"I am strongly aware of my responsibility as defense minister to supervise Ministry of Defense and Self Defence Force. I would like to return my one-month salary and decided to resign from defense minister."

Japan's Defense Minister, Tomomi Inada said this as she was submitting her resignation letter to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday morning.

She stepped down the same day the Defense Department released its findings from an investigation into the alleged cover-up, which Inada denies she was a part of.

Inada, once a rising political star, assumed the role of defense minister in August 2016 and was seen by many as Abe's successor-in-waiting.

Japan has never had a female prime minister, and Inada is only the second woman to serve as defense minister. 

Inada's resignation comes amid claims that she helped obscure internal records that detailed the danger Japanese peacekeepers faced in the war-torn nation of South Sudan.

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