Somebody could have died but nobody did.

The 2017 African Magic Viewer’s choice Awards was not without its controversies, which included a near death experience and an ‘Oscar moment’.

During one of the commercial breaks a large statue of the AMVCA award trophy located directed behind the podium for accepting awards fell with a loud crash. If it had happened while someone was either presenting or accepting an award, it would have been a disaster.

Thank God danger was averted.

Before the commercial break was over, the statue was placed back at its duty post and it stood like a sentry behind the winners as they gave their acceptance speeches.

Then there was the ‘Oscar Moment’.

An Orchestrated move by the organizers to add some spice to the show; can you guess?

When the nominees for ‘Best Director’ were announced it was the ‘Best Actor’ category that played on the big screen. It confused the audience.

‘It's intentional, we are trying to create an Oscar moment here’ said show host, IK Osakioduwa.

There was a mix up at the 2017 Oscars after the movie ‘La La Land’ was incorrectly declared Best Picture instead of the rightful winner, ‘Moonlight’.