Whistle blowing is not just a way to make quick cash, you need to work for it by being sure of what you are escalating.

Asides working on credible information, also put it in mind that a whistle blower might not get up to five per cent of the recovered loot, if the amount is very huge.

The Executive Secretary of Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption (PACAC), Prof. Bolaji Owasonoye, gave this explanation in New York.

“The truth of the matter is that the parameters have never been varied. PACAC prepared the whistle blower’s policy.

“The policy states that a whistle blower who gives a whistle that leads to cash recovery can earn up to five per cent of the amount recovered. Indeed, there’s a scale.

“The higher the amount that is recovered, the lower that you get. But if your whistle leads to the recovery of a lower amount, you can get the maximum of a five per cent.

“So, there’s never been problem, just that the public didn’t understand how this policy is supposed to operate. So, there’s a scale. So, if you blow the whistle and something like a billion naira, you can earn up to the five per cent.

“If it’s above a billion, under five billion, you get may be up to 2.5 per cent or four per cent; it’s graduated. And all over the world, that’s the way it is.

“When your information leads to a very high recovery, the amount goes down. There’s been no dispute about people getting what is due them”.

He says by his standards, the whistle blower’s policy has succeeded resoundingly as no fewer than 8,000 whistle blowers were recorded by the Federal Government in the last one year.


But he said not all 8,000 led to recoveries or were credible, adding however, government is not offended because when citizens give information, the government has a duty to try and investigate.

“You never can tell when what you’re pursuing will lead to something significant, so you can’t afford to ignore.

“That’s why the whole whistle blower arrangement, all the law enforcement agencies are part of it and investigations can take a little while,” he said.

He said to reassure potential whistle blowers, there would be an agreement signed with the Attorney-General Office.

Details will indicate what the blower is entitled to from the recovery and decide how the money would be paid.

“And that’s why over one year, nobody’s identity has been blown, which shows you that the mechanism for blowing whistle and receiving whistle and investigating is credible,” he added.


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