It is only in Nigeria that a couple would get married and right from that very day, their family members, friends, well-wishers and even strangers would start counting down to the ninth month. And so help you God, you don't show up then with a baby or even a baby bump! 

The poor new bride will then be burdened with rude questions on why she is yet to be pregnant:  "Una still dey do honeymoon?", "Ahn ahn, you never get belle?”
These nasty questions even come from neighbours and complete strangers. Gosh! Why are we like this?

On-Air Personalities Toke Makinwa and Tolu 'Toolz' Oniru tagged these rude busy bodies as "womb watchers" - a very fitting title for such nosy people.

Some days ago, actress, Adesua Etomi who recently got married to singer, Banky Wellington, got a dose of this distasteful pill when an online troll tried to shame her for not being pregnant yet. The beautiful star who appears to be living her best life now replied with "lool, peace and love". It was indeed a clever way of dodging bad energy as she said on a subsequent post.

The way people openly nag newlyweds to get pregnant; you'd think they want to help the couple financially in raising the child.

There's more to marriage than birthing children. Maybe in the olden days, people got married solely for child bearing, but times have changed. People should get married to the one they love for the main purpose of companionship. Everything else should be complimentary.

Plus nowadays, people have children together without getting married, so why do some folks still believe that's why couples get married?

The saddest part is that some women are actually struggling with infertility or have been unsuccessful in taking in, so imagine how insensitive it is to now ask such a woman, "What are you waiting for before you get pregnant?" or "You better go and get pregnant!" 

Also, some couples have mapped out a plan for their future and having a baby immediately after getting married may not make those plans feasible. Nobody wants to have a child they can't afford to care for.

Bottom line - people should learn to mind their business and allow newlyweds enjoy marital bliss. Plus, this intrusive trend amongst Nigerians needs to go away already.

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