How big is the fan base of the average Nigerian musician?

Do Nigerian musicians really have fans who are die hard, or do most Nigerians just follow, the musical trends of the time?

Presently the 'Shaku Shaku' dance and sound is reigning, and every musician is jumping on it, thereby creating new fans for anyone who lays lyrics to a  'shakulized' beat.

So the questions are; Do Nigerian musicians really have a fan base? And do they even know how big it is?

Bounce News spoke to two music promoters, who have handled some of the big names in the industry including Harrysong, Tekno, Olamide, Patoranking, ReekadoBanks and Skales.

We about what musicians are getting wrong when it comes to handling their fan base.

"There are no fans in Nigeria, we just follow what song is trending", Alex Ozone said defiantly.

Alex Ozone came back from taking YBNL boss, Olamide on a tour of Europe in March 2018, and the music producer does not believe that Nigerian musicians have true fans.

"Most of these musicians you see now, will be gone in 10 years, and we will getting another set of musicians to follow, why do you think musicians drop songs like every other week?" he said.

" They do not have a fan base, if their music trends people just tag along, until another musician takes over. Name them, Davido, Wizkid, Olamide. Nigerians just follow trends" he added.

Alex Ozone insists that it is only musical greats like Fela in Nigeria that have a fan base,"Fela died in 1997, but people still listen to his music till tomorrow, but many contemporary Nigerian musicians have been forgotten"

Another music promoter, Kaycee Oguejiofor told Bounce News that musicians always make illogical assumptions.

"Musicians assume that everyone who listens to their songs is a fan, that is not true.

"For example, I am not a fan of Olamide. I will listen to one or two of his songs that I like, but I will never go out of my way to attend his concert, or want his autograph", he said.

Another assumption that he pointed out that musicians make is that they really do not know their fan base.

"Olamide held a concert in Teslim Balogun stadium, it was a flop because his core fans did not attend.

"Many of his real fans do not use social media, and he did not consider that, when he was organizing the concert" he said.

In solving the formula to the problems of having a fan base, Alex Ozone points to the structure of the music industry of Nigeria.

"The only way forward is to create a proper structure, where record labels and musicians understand their roles in the bigger picture, also the industry needs government support.

"Then the fans will stay because musicians will be creating good music that stands the test of time and not commercial tunes", he proffered.

Kaycee picked understanding social media analytics and physically marketing the musicians brand to every street corner as a way to earn the people's respect.

But until our musicians understand their role as being part of the media and members of the Fourth Estate, we might continue to bask in the clouds of good tunes and short-lived hits.