Since nearly everyone is now in the habit of proposing marriage in public, we might as well learn how to do it right and not end up getting humiliated while the entire country watches.

Recently, a video was circulated on Nigeria social media showing a guy proposing to his girlfriend in a restaurant on a bent knee. But unfortunately, he had misplaced the engagement ring. He is seen frantically searching his pockets for the missing ring while onlookers cheered and told his girlfriend to “Just hug him and say yes!”

Have a seamless proposal with these tips

Instead, the disappointed lady shook her head, grabbed her bag off a nearby table and marched out of the restaurant.

As expected, different reactions trailed the video. Many argued that the lady didn’t really love the guy because she could have said yes right there and let him buy her another ring later. Others blamed the guy for being so careless to lose something as precious as an engagement ring.

Oh well!What we can say for certain is that things could have turned out differently (in a good way) if the guy had taken time to do these 3 proposal tips we have highlighted below.

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1. Prepare: Asking your woman to marry you can be quiet nerve wracking. It’s terrifying enough to ask her in private, let alone with nearly the whole world watching. So have it all figured out and carefully planned. Are you going for a surprise proposal? Would you be enlisting the help of her family or close friends to arrange it? Make sure you have it all thought out to the last detail.

2. Guard the ring: This one is no brainer, but the experience of the guy from the viral video shows that even precious gems can be lost if care is not taken. Protect the engagement ring with your life and make sure it is always within your reach until the moment you slip it on your woman’s finger.

3. Have a wing-man: If you are the type that tends to lose things easily, then have one of your friends hold on to the ring for you till the moment you’re ready to propose. This way, the ring stays safe and you have peace of mind that you won’t be having a ‘ringless’ proposal. Just be sure that your wing-man can actually be trusted or else, na OYO be your case.